6 Beginner Workout Tips

beginner workout

If you are planning to start your beginner workout, and looking for the right way to understand your workout. You’re in the right place. Today, I am gonna cover all the aspects that everybody must keep in mind before getting into their workout.

As you know fitness is becoming an integral part. And fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but among all these, people start going to work out to see their friends physics without knowing the basic rules of workout or exercise, make mistakes in terms of form, sets, and repetitions, etc.

So, before performing any activity, ask someone first or read this article till the end in order to understand the process at the beginning stage. But I request, don’t do in a wrong way, else you can hurt yourselves and your fitness journey may stop due to severe injury.

Let’s see some rules for beginner workout that every one of you must read these before putting into practice.

1. Make Up Your Mind

For starting anything in life, first and foremost, we all have to prepare our mind. If your mind is set and you are going the gym or anywhere is surely a great start, but you won’t be able to see positive change in your mind unless you try to develop the habit of the gym. like bodybuilders and fitness models, they have to do everything to go to the stage in order to compete with another opponent. And it happens just by practicing and developing the habit.

I know it may sound a  little impossible, especially for those who have a full day job and don’t have sufficient time, but working out 3-4 times each week, regardless of time is definitely essential to emerging your success. And yes, no needed to go to the gym, you can simply do cardio workouts in order to burn off your fat just by doing for 20-30 minutes workout in the park or at home.

In fact, building long-term habits takes some time, but once you’ve incorporated those habits into your daily schedule. then you’ll feel that missing them is frustrating, it is just the natural human nature.

“Some expert says, it takes around 21 days to develop the habit”. It means, after 21 days of your workout, it will bother you to miss a workout.

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2.Clear Your Goal

Make sure the goals must be clear and realistic. Because only your goals decide your destination simple. If you have a clear vision and mindset, so anyone can easily execute their tasks.

Whatever your goals are, but today we’ re talking about fitness goal. Always start your workout with caution, start with low and go slow.

Many beginners make mistakes initially, and start out their workout too aggressively and they end up injured, tired and sore. Some get depressed, think that an aggressive workout will be helpful to get a faster result.

But the reality completely opposite of it, some take a shortcut in life. Always remember, slow growth is sustainable. But the idea is, you must develop the new habits, you can stick to that for the lifetime.

3. Limit your lifts

As a matter of fact, beginners mostly learn by watching. That is not bad at all, but when they start imitating their workout, try to perform that improperly, end up hurting themselves.

Most of the people do the wrong form, and start lifting heavy weight, especially to see others very soon. And most people focus on momentum rather than muscle contraction to move the weight.

You need to be focused and controlled, Your range of motion of the movement has to be perfect. The key is to isolate muscle groups and strategically work them through several exercises, techniques, and angles. The idea is, the better you contract your each muscle group, the more your muscle will grow.

Don’t go heavy in no time, give time to your body for about 1-2 months as per your effort. It doesn’t matter that how much you can biceps curl, our main focus has to be on learning how to contact/squeeze your muscles instead of using hip to take support.

4. Focus On Compound Movements

Beginner workout

Beginners can be easily distracted by doing complex training techniques, which is often found in articles and magazines. If you’ve never performed any activities before or stepped foot in a gym or have not been involved for a long time, going right to the isolation moves that basically work for one muscle group at a time, it will not give the best result.

In order to get the best result for fat loss and muscle growth, it is the best way to start your compound movements like the bench press, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts, bent-over row, pull-ups, lunges, and seated row, etc. These types of movements require you to use multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Doing these will allow you to lift more weight, hit more muscles and at the same time, increase your metabolic rate, which is much better than you do drop sets of isolation movements like one arm triceps extension and skull crusher, etc.

To start this, choose your weight as per your capacity, and hit 10-15 reps of 2 sets each muscle as a starting point. However, it depends on different workout split. That is a separate topic I will cover that as well.


Yes, guys nutrition is everything, and when it comes to beginner workout tips, it plays a very crucial role to make your base stronger. Many beginners don’t focus on the key to fitness, which is your nutrition. And nutrition doesn’t mean that you spend eating pizza and burger.

It is not important that what do you do in your workout, but it is much more important what do you in your other 23 hours. A clean and healthy diet is key for both mental and physical well being. Keep your diet first rather than thinking about anything else.

Now, you may wonder that you can’t eat your favorite food. No, it’s not that, you can still enjoy your food, but make your choices smarter rather than having a burger or pizza one night. Once a week, you can eat your favorite food and can enjoy.

6.Definition Of Fitness

This term needs to learn every fitness freaks, long-term exercises may have a misunderstanding about
exactly what other fitness terms mean. Here are some terms of fitness definition and phrases you can have to encounter.

  1. Maximum Heart Rat- This type of term is based on a person’s age. To find out of the maximum heart rate, person’s age-220.
  2. Stretching or flexibility training- This type of training is great to enhance the flexibility of your joints. However, inactivity and age can cause your muscles, ligaments, and tendons to shorten over the time. The very important thing, warming up and stretching are opposite to each other and cold muscle stretching and joints can cause to injury. After warming up the body, stretching is more beneficial than before warm up.
  3. Cardio activity/aerobic- This type of training method is quite rigorous to temporarily speed up your heart rate and breathing by doing walking, dancing, swimming, skipping, cycling, etc.
  4. Weight and strength training- This type of training is helpful to build your strength and function of muscles.
  5. Reps- This is something that refers to the number of times when you exercise during a set like
    a person do 10 biceps curl. That comes in reps category.
  6. Set- This term refers to repeating the same exercises at the given number of sets. Like a fitness model does the biceps curls 3 sets of 10 reps
  7. Warm Up- Warm-up is an essential part of training, helps the body to prepare mentally and physically active for the coming up workout. You can warm up just by doing light intensity activity like aerobics, walking slowly, cycling, etc.
  8. Cool down-For beginner this is another crucial term. This is done at a low intensity just like warm up. In this, you have to cool your body down after doing intense training. For instances, after your most of the workout finished you can do some stretching and walk on a treadmill at a low intensity until your heart beats come at a normal level.


Finally, these “beginner workout” tips must be included in your exercises before performing any workout, as well as warm up, stretching and cool down.

I hope you love it and share with your friends so that, this can become accessible to everyone. See you soon with new article stay tuned. For any suggestion, comment below.

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