What Is Creatine? Dosage,Timing

what is creatine

If you want to know that what is creatine? dosages make sure you read this post till the end so that you can understand exactly what is it? Do we really need it? Here is everything that you should know.

In fact, you may have heard a lot of time in the gym that creatine has muscle building but remember, one thing is always not helpful neither you can build muscle nor lose fat. The right combination of your proper workout, diet, and rest can make your goal attainable. 

What is Creatine exactly? 

Basically, creatine is a substance that found naturally in your muscle cells. It helps generate (ATP) energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity workout.

Also, the body makes creatine in the liver, kidney, and pancreas by breaking down the amino acids. Taking creatine as a supplement is most popular among bodybuilders and athletes so as to gain muscle size, improve exercise performance, strength. Study 1. 

With the help of amino acids glycine and arginine, your body produce it.

In fact, there are many factors that can affect your body’s creatine stores like exercise, meat intake, and levels of hormones like IGF and testosterone. Study 2.

Most importantly, almost 95% creatine is stored in muscles in the form of phosphocreatine, and the other 5% is found in your live, kidney and brain. Study 3.

While taking creatine, it simply increases your stores of phosphocreatine. This is called a form of stored energy in the cells since it helps body generates high energy called ATP. For an example, if you do 10 reps of bench press, after taking creatine, you would be capable to hit 2 more reps =12 reps.

Benefits of Taking creatine 

As per the U.S National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus. When it comes to improving your muscle strength, there is a lot of research on creatine’s ability to improve muscle strength.

However, researches show that creatine seems to scanty improve lower body and upper body strength in both older and younger adults. Study 4.

Moreover, some researchers show that creatine’s impact on high-intensity, explosive workouts like sprinting, the overall results have been mixed.

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Does Creatine affect Your Kidney?

This is one of the biggest myths. Researchers found in a study of its effectiveness and safety after consent study, it is safe completely unless you have already kidney issue or other health-related problems. That is the reason several health experts and trainers support the use of creatine.

And also, this is one of the most researched sports supplement out there. Whenever tells you that creatine affects your kidney, they have no complete info about creatine or are not from a science background. Hire a good trainer that can provide you the right information or learn from my post.


the thumb rule is creatine is 100% safe. You can have only when you are going to do any high-intensity exercise where you have to lift heavy weight. It’s not needed for normal gym goers and light fitness training.

Its Effects On Muscle Gain

Yes, studies show it is effective for both long-term and short-term in terms of muscle growth. Study 5. Also, it aids you to several different people, including older adults. elite athletes and sedentary individuals.

A 14-week study in older adults found that after adding creatine to a weight training program significantly increased muscle mass and leg strength. Study 6.

Another 14-week study found on weightlifters, creatine increased fiber growth 2-3 times more than training. 

Also, creatine has shown the single most profitable supplement for adding muscle mass. Study 7, 8.

Exercise performance and Strength

If you see practically, its impact on strength and performance it is great for high-intensity and power exercise performance.

Adding creatine to your training program study found increased weightlifting performance by 14% and strength by 8% your bench press one rep max by up to 43% Study 9.

This is also beneficial to maintain training performance and strength while increasing muscle mass during any intense training. Study 10


This is a great thing for serious fitness freaks that creatine has shown to improve your strength and performance for high-intensity and power performance.

What Is The Best Creatine?

This question you also keep on getting all the time. Let’s make this clear too.

There are a lot of supplements out there, but creatine monohydrate most common and well-researched supplement.

That is the best you can say, even a lot of coaches and trainers have supported monohydrate creatine. 

Also, creatine monohydrate is very cheap and supported by hundreds of studies.

What Is The Best Time To Take Creatine?

As I mentioned above it is one of the most popular exercise performance supplements. 

Several studies have been done where one study examined for adult men to consume only five grams after or before exercise  Study 11.

Aside from all the studies, a study shows greater increases in lean mass and greater decreases in fat mass when took creatine after exercise.

A study conducted where participants were divided into two groups. Where one group took the supplement soon after and before workout, while another group took the supplement in the evening and morning.

After the whole study found that who took the supplement soon before and after exercise gained more strength and muscle than the group who took the supplement in the evening and morning.  

As per the study, it is better to take this close to exercise instead of taking some other time.

However, which is the best time to take creatine still debated. But piratically if you have experienced, 3-5 grams creatine is a great deal after your exercise. No need to follow the loading phase. 

Some people take half before and half after. You can also follow that routine as well. 

Do We Really Need It?

No, creatine is not for everyone, especially for a beginner. Because this is simple to understand, they are not highly active and this is for highly active people who are lifting heavy weight, doing intense training and spend hours and hours in the gym.

Also, if you are not competing, not take it more than 3-5 grams. Because 1-2 grams you’re already getting from foods especially to non-vegetarian, and eating, chicken, fish, beans, meat, pork, eggs, dairy, etc. You don’t need to rely on a high dosage of it. 

Friend, first up, check out your overall intake as per that decide your dosage.

Most impotently, if you are getting enough creatine from foods. You don’t need to rely on this. But if you find it as per your activity level, you’re not getting properly, then definitely you need to add an additional supplement in order to enhance your performance and take it to the next level. 


So, today, we’ve learned timing, dosages and what is creatine?.

At the end of the day, we’ve found this is one of the cheapest, and the safest and most effective supplements in order to increase health performance and strength. That is great, isn’t it? Also, monohydrate is value for money.

If you want to buy creatine with cheap price, here are the links, and both are good. Persoanlly, iIhave been using for a long time.

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