Top 10 Abs Workout To Burn Belly Fat

All-Time Best Abs Workout

Abs workout,abdominal exercises, stomach exercises,ab exercises

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut and hidden door to get abs overnight. Only your hard work, consistency, dedication, positive-mindset and fire can make you achieve any goal in life. This is the first step to move on to your life. Take it as a challenge, and get motivation by seeing the transformation of your body. What I feel no one can give you motivation, it comes only from inside. If you are looking for abs workout you are in the right place. I am gonna tell 10 best abs exercises.

Abs workout I find it one of the great workout when it comes to building your overall core strength. If you want to get shaped abs and thick abs, definitely you have to go the extra mile in order to attain. Many at times it becomes quite hard to do that because abs are not that a piece of cake to make these visible on your abdominal.

A lot of things you’ll have to eliminate from your diet like-salt, sugar, carbs, junk foods, etc.
Remember, abs only can visible when your body% is below 10% meaning, you have to bring your body fat% at single digit in order to see “biscuits” shape. So, first, you have lost your body fat by following my fat loss diet plan, this program will be too much of helpful to lose the extra layer of fat on your body, which makes invisible our body abs and shape.

Let’s see all-time best abs workout if you incorporate with proper training and nutrition. I assure you will get to see big changes to your body.

1.Leg Raise

Lie on the floor, hold the bench or simply lie on the mat and put you both hands under your hip and keep your legs straight and lift them up until they are vertical. Now, lower your back down, stop just a few inches away from the floor to keep the tension on your abs before you do next rep.15-20 reps of 3-4 reps as per your fitness level. A beginner can go up to 2-3 sets.
Extra Tip– Make sure you focus on your breathing with every passing reps.While going up exhale and coming down inhale”.This will apply in all the exercises.


Abs workout,abdominal exercises, stomach exercises,ab exercises
This is kind of pretty standard movement, but if you wanna build abdominal strength and tone your thighs at the same time, so this one could be beneficial to you, it also targets your oblige and love handles. To perform lie on the ground with both hands keeping your hands behind your shoulder blades slightly off the ground. Rotate your elbow to your opposite knee and then repeat on the other side.3-4  sets of  20 reps

3.Russian Ball twist

Simply sit on the floor in the top position of a sit-up holding a medicine ball with both hands, extend your arms in front of you and twist your body from one side to the keeping your core tight. 3 sets of 15 reps each side.

4.Toe Touch

This may be a little tough for a beginner especially who have a tummy. Also, this exercise gives you maximum power for a core workout. By lying on your back with your legs straight in the air, put your hands together and try to touch your toe. Many athletes enhance toe touches by going diagonally instead of going straight to get more tension on core.10-15 touches of 3 sets

5.Plank Rotations

Apart from working out your abs, plank rotation can bring burn on your arms and shoulders. to perform get into a plank position and switch to one-handed push-ups and use your free arm to go under your stomach, reach that hand straight to the sky unless and until it reaches above the other shoulder. In this, by putting your hand under your stomach,you’re straight targeting your core and toning your shoulders at a time.3 sets of 10 reps each side.

6.Hanging Leg Raises

This is one of the great exercises for your lower abs(belly fat). But this could be harder for a beginner, you can do the same movement on the bar dips machine.
To perform hang on the pull-up bar with hands outside shoulder width and palm facing away from you. Try to lift your legs up to the chest just like when we do leg raises on the ground. Make sure don’t swing your body while performing this workout. 3 sets for 10 reps.

7.Ab Wheel Rollout

This one is one of my favorite exercises. It creates a lot of tension on your core and gives you core stability and balance to your stabilizer muscles. The ab wheel plank of the best wheel exercises for a beginner because it strengthens those essential stability muscles.

To perform kneel on, and hold the ab wheel beneath your shoulder. Now, brace your abs and roll the wheel forward unless and until you fee that you are about to lose tension in your core and your hips might go down. Again roll yourself from back to start. Do as many as reps you can do with perfect form no cheat.


abs workout
This one again is one of the best exercises, especially for the core. Planks are an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles, they engage all major core muscles groups including the transverses, rectus abdominus, external oblique muscle, and the glutes. To perform straight get into a push-ups position and bend your elbows. Hold your postilion with contracted abs. Hold it for 20-30 seconds

9.Side Plank

This is a great workout for your love handles(side fat). Lie on your left side while resting your left forearm on the ground. Now raise your hips up so that your body forms are a straight line and brace your abs and your weight must be on your left forearm. Hold it for 20-30 seconds.

10.Seated Knee Tuck

Simply, sit on the bench or box and lift your legs up to the chest keeping your abs squeeze, extend your legs in front of you and extend your torso so that your body forms are in straight line. Hold the bench for support, crunch your torso forward and bring your knees to the chest.
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So, finally, these are my best 10 “Ab Exercises” to get in shape your abdominal area, but remember your diet must be on point then it will work like a magic. Thanks for your love and support.
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