Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation-

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Sleep Deprivation
Does Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep may contribute to adverse weight gain?


In fact,The lake of sleep is a very common problem in our society and affecting many individuals at certain points in their lives.
Sleep derivation occurs when you get less sleep than you need to feel awake and alert.People vary in how little sleep is needed to be considered sleep deprived.Some people as such older adults seem to be more resistant to the effect of sleep deprivation,whereas others,specially children and young adults are more sensitive.


In a new study,researchers say one night of loss sleep has a tissue specific impact on the regulation of gene expression and metabolism in human.It shows how shift work,chronic sleep loss and tedious work may impair our metabolism and adversely affect our body composition.


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Although studies have shown the the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes is elevated in those who already suffer from chronic sleep loss or who get involved in shift work or late night work.Others studies have shown a connection between disrupted sleep  and adverse weight gain,in which fat accumulation is increased and muscle mass is reduced,a combination that in and of itself has been associated with several health consequences.And other study groups have shown in previous studies that metabolic functions that are usually regulated by skeletal muscle and adipose tissue are adversely affected by disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms(body clock).


Although can't figure out why are you gaining weight or why it's hard to remove those extra pounds?You may be suffering from sleep deprivation even if you swear you are getting adequate sleep at night.In fact,a study presented in 2015 Endcorine Society national meeting suggests that getting just 30 minutes fewer sleep than you should per week can raise the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Sleep Is Your Body's Best Friend-

If you ever thought-under eye cycles were the worst predicament of sleep,you're in for a shock.Because sleep is very important for way too much every one of your system.Sleep deprivation leads to deficits in cognitive functioning,whether it's decision making,reaction time or memory.


Sleep is mandatory for beyond just whats going on your brain,too.Sleep also is involved in the repair and restoration of the body.Rest of the things occur during sleep rejuvenate your body for the next  day.
Losing out on sleep creates a viscous cycle in your body,Making you more prone to various factors contributing to weight gain.The more sleep deprived you are,the higher chances of  increasing youur stress hormone(cortisol) which usually increases your appetite and you start having anything due to ravenous.


In fact,a lack of sleep also inhabits your body's competency  to process the sweet stuff.When you are deprived,the mitochondria in your cells that digest your fuel and start to shut down and sugar remains in your blood,and you end up with high sugar weight According to a study loosing out on sleep can make fat cells 30 percent less unable to deal with insulin.


Actually,when you're wiped out your hormones go a little nuts,too,boosting levels of ghrelin,which tells us you are hungry,and reducing leptin,which signals satiety.Although,a small study sleep deprived candidates  of 30 people ate on an average of 300 calories per day,as per the research in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition and a larger study of 255 people found that those who only spent four hours in bed for five constantly nights gained almost two pounds more than those who were in bed for about 10 days,during the week.


One more thing you might pack on pounds when are sleep deprived because your body enters the survival sleeplessness can fool your body into thinking that you are in danger.Your metabolism slows as your body is trying to maintain its resources,and it also wants more fuel.That is why sleeping is the most crucial thing a person can do if they are ready to start a diet and lose weight



1.Switch Off Your Power Button

  • The soothing blue glow light from a tablet,cell or digital clock on your next to table may hurt your sleep.
  • Turn off your computer,TV,and other blue light sources an hour before going to bed.

2. Turn Off Your Clock

  • If you glance at it several times that make you mind unsteady about the day to come.
  • If possible put your alarm clock in a drawer or under your bed,or put it away from view.


  • If you have time to get better sleep at night.But if you have to snooze during the sun is up,have it for about 20 minutes in order to refresh your brain,don't put too much of work pressure in your brain.
  • Overcome an afternoon energy with a glass of ice water,a short walk or phone call with your bestie

4.Put Your Neck In a Neural Position

  • Blame your pillow if you get up usually tired with a stiff neck.Make sure it should be right size not too flat not too fat in order to support the natural curve of your neck when you are resting on your back.Do you usually sleep on stomach? If yes,avoid this posture it can twist your neck.
  • Always use good posture before bed,don't lean your neck to watch TV

5.Set  your Body Clock

  • Go to bed and get up at generally the same time every day,even on weekends.This routine will aid your brain to get used to being healthy snooze-wake routine,you will be able to sleep instantaneously and rest soundly through the whole night.
  • Get out in bright light for 10 to 20 minutes as fast as you get out of bed because light tells your body to get going

6. Caffeine(coffee)

  • Look for coffee in the morning is fine for most people since it actives your brain cells,and increases you mantel focus,concentration.But as soon as the clock strikes noon,avoid caffeine in drinks and food it may affect your sleep at night
  • Also read labels,like-pain reliever,chocolate,Weight loss pills and energy water drink contain caffeine.


7. Exercise Regularly and Wisely


  • Indeed,regular exercise aids you to get better and healthy sleep.After exercise you feel low resulting better sleep.Aim to finish any stringent  exercise 3-4 hours before you go to bed
  • You can do mind-body exercises,like yoga is the best to do just before you get sleep.

8.Eat Right At Night

  • Don't have too much heavy foods at night,it is one of the big mistake most of the people make. In fact,they overloads your digestive system,which considerably affects how well you sleep.Have only light evening snack of cereal or oats with milk or cornflakes,etc.
  • Finish your eating off at least 1 hour before bed.

9. Stop Tobacco

  • Nicotine is just similar to caffeine.Tobacco can keep you falling asleep and make insomnia  worse
  • Many people try numerous times before they kick the habit.Consult the doctor in order to keep you away this.

10. When to Tell Your Doctor

  • Let doctor know if your sleeplessness lasts for a month or can check to see if there is a any health condition as such asthma,arthritis,acid reflux or depression,etc.
  • Last but not the least,relax your mind and put aside any work,like complicated discussion,touchy discussion 2-3 hours before you head to bed.If you've still a lot of in your mind,an about hour before you hit the sack,mediate,listen to soothing music,read something calming or take a warm bath.
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