10 Running Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Running mistakes
Running Mistakes


Hello, my dear readers, today we will talk about 10 running mistakes that you may have probably heard in your life somewhere. Running is always great for your overall health, especially for increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

Many people love running but alongside some of them these mistakes which they never make. Running considered as one of the most common types of sports for beginners since it has no need of any professional and special instructions.

However, there is a universal truth about human beings that we are born to run and know how to run properly and our bodies are designed to promote the running form.

Before i move on to the running mistakes, I have also talked about an overview of running, make sure you also read that.

These are some 10 running mistakes that you should never repeat after reading this: 

#1. Running Hard On Easy Runs

In fact, if you are not performing well on your easy days, you hard days will suffer simple. I could be arduous to hit tempo training recover and paces from your tough efforts, resulting no sufficient physical gain, and there would be higher risk of injury.

How to avoid-

You should start your running at a low pace and be able to carry on a conversation, take a breath. Also, you should finish the run feeling like you could have gone longer, and keep in mind your heat rate on easy runs must be around 60-75% of your maximum.

#2. Harm Yourself

If you’ve already put in the work before your race, your nerves might be your worst enemy. Like if you ran the marathon or race a week before, resulting in your fired and tired legs could not be possible to hit your goal time on the race day.

How to avoid –

In order to get rid of it, get your pre-race nerves checked. Need help with sports psychology for visualization techniques and relaxation. 

If you’ve already been victim of self-harm in the past. Assure you to make pre-race plan by a mentor or coach. They will guide you every step  of the way.

#3. Too Fast

This is one of the biggest mistakes with all of marathon training groups. They quickly go to marathon/race from couch or relaxation mode. Which can cause injury obviously.  Haste makes waste.

How to avoid –

When you are going to commence your training program, start with slow and steady training, and do the same amount of workout for 2 to 3 weeks before increasing the load and stress. That will give your tendons, bones and muscle time to get habituated.

#4. Shallow Breathing

Considering proper breathing can become a huge difficulty for any runners at any level, especially when it comes to beginners. The most common result is that they don’t pay attention quite often in their breathing while running.

Consequently, it is highly recommended to focus on correct breathing or belly breathing during the race or run.

#5. Blaming Your Shoes

Running mistakes

You cannot blame your shoes and shoes aren’t the reason to get injured. Your training protocol is a reason that you are getting injured.

How to avoid –

If you have problems with injury, consult with a doctor. And if you have new shoes, so give your body adequate time to adjust. But don’t blame your shoes, you must have the passion to achieve your goal no matter who you are and what you have.

#6. Eating Fewer Nutrients

running mistakes
Nutrition is the great choice could be in order to achieve any fitness goal or stay fit.

Most of us make several mistakes when it comes to nutrition and its right timing. In fact, it is not natural to feel hungry after your run, but many studies show that your muscles absorb nutrients within 30-45 minutes of your workout as compared to another time.

Some people skip their breakfast while this is a very vital part of your any workout. Keep in mind, skipping breakfast, your all hard work and hopes can end in smoke.

How to avoid-

As per the National Council on Strength and Fitness, a good meal combination of carbs and protein could be a great choice, and the ratio of carbs and protein should be 3:1 after your post-workout.

Eat 2 grams of carbs of per pound of bodyweight and 20-25 grams of protein. This is an easitmated number, otherwise, it may vary person to person and their fitness levels.

#7. Following A Plan Madly 

These things happen most of the time. Like if you have a wedding or raining outside, just take a short time off.

After the break, make up for what you’ve missed and, take your step in the progression of their intensity or volume.

Also, make sure you don’t eat too much. Be always in the limit in terms of choosing foods.

How to avoid-

First up, write down your training plan on your note-book. If you miss a workout for some reason, don’t worry about that. But if you’ve missed you workout for several days, then you need to modify the intensity and volume for the coming up week.

#8. Starting Too Fast 

This can lead to injury if you running too fast without taking any precautions. Start running this pace you can’t hold. Because you can give up before reaching your finishing line.

How to avoid-

Measure your pace, and know your pace by which you can sustain for a long way Also, You must learn from your workouts that what pace is good for you, which you can keep up in a race. Always follow a controlled and steady motion 

#9. Leaning Forward

This is another big mistake who runners make initially. A correct technique about leaning forward form is that you should learn from the ankles rather than the waist. But a slight and proper lean can provide runners some advantages as such reduce the propeller and keep gravity.

How to avoid-

The best way is to keep the entire body straight. Make sure, run with tall shoulder and erect and straight spine.

#10. Obsessed With Your GPS

AS a matter of fact, GPS can be very lucrative in terms of helping new runners to connect a certain pace to see how you feel.

On the other hand, whoever is new runners, they expect result rapidly, and they want to do just the four-mile run which they did last week faster this week, even try to run faster next week.

Therefore, they’re not able to complete their training very well and ruin their training regimen.

How to avoid-

Simply, forget about your watch and leave your watch at home for about once a week, and just concentrate on your training. You need to understand the Techniques and adapt your body to that regimen that is far important than your watch.

Finally, from these 10 running mistakes, we’ll learn something and never repeat in their workout regimen. Share your valuable thoughts and tell what mistakes you made in the past and still making?

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