Simple Tips How To Do Pull ups For Beginners

Hi, guys today I am going to tell pull-ups for beginners correctly. As a matter of fact, this is a very big concern especially for a beginner, they always keep on complaining why we’re not able to hit the maximum reps on pull-ups.

Hardly, some of them are able to hit maximum 2-3 reps. So, in this article, I am gonna cover all major steps that everybody must follow during the initial stage of their workout to do pull-ups, and you will get effective result end up doing these steps.

If you understand the pull-ups power it is one of the best exercises to build upper body strength and your core. Still, it takes time to build up to pull-ups.

If you want to learn pull-ups start with your basic moves and increase grip strength and scapula strength. Remember, your pull-ups moment always starts with your scapula depression.

This workout program is going to be for about 8 weeks. In this program, we will increase the overall strength of our upper body. So that we can hit maximum reps.

1.Dead Hangs+Scapular Depression(1-2 weeks)

how to do pull ups, pull ups for the beginner

Dead hangs aid to build your arm strength and allow you to pull-ups perfectly. Now, the first 2 weeks you have to do dead hangs on every alternate day after finishing off your all workout.

In dead hangs exercise, simply if your height is short not that long, place a chair near the pull-up bar so that you can readily reach the bar.

Now, grab the bar firmly with your palms facing away from you and pull yourself up about an inch, bend your knees and lift your feet off the stool, 3 sets hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Make sure gradually increase the time of your dead hangs exercise on every alternate day.

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2.Scapular Depression-

pull ups

This one exercise we gotta train the rest of the days. In this exercise, we’ll train our scapula(back part of the body).

For executing this exercise, you have to grab the bar firmly and with the help of your shoulder. Now, move your body slightly up and down, as you can see the image, he slightly moves his body towards the bar. Hit 3 sets 4-6 reps and again increase the number of sets as per your progress.

3.Eccentric Pull-ups +Isometric Holds (3-4 weeks)

Eccentric pull ups it also called negative pull-ups. The pull-ups work your upper back muscles, lats, and biceps, it is challenging exercise especially for beginners.

You can perform using just pull up bar. Many people struggle in the beginning when attempting pull-ups into their routine. Until you are able to manage full pull-ups. The lowering face of an exercise is an eccentric phase, so a negative pull-up is an eccentric exercise.

  1. Start with your chin over the bar with the help of a person pushing you up or step-up and descend as slowly as possible making sure your arms are not fully straightened until 10 seconds have elapsed.
  2. Do 3 sets of 5 reps before starting over your main workout, and try to increase the timing on every alternate day. 

Point to be noted-

  1. In fact, negative pull-ups, force you to use all your stabilizing muscles, so try recruiting your core and abs to help stabilize your torso and midsection.
  2. in the initial stage, try not to sink into your shoulders but keep them active to protect.

4. Isometric Holds-

Isometric holds

In simple words, this is the contraction of the muscle. Such as when doing a biceps curl. This is called concentric contraction where the muscle size shortens.

There is another contraction that is called eccentric contraction when muscle size increases. One of the main benefits of isometric training is that the body is able to activate nearly all the available motor units.

So, all you have to do jump up, grab the bar and hold your position at the top for 10-30 seconds of 3 sets. With every passing day increase the holding time in order to get a better effect.

Sample OF Workout Plan-





  • SATURDAY     





(For 5-6 Weeks do the same split on every alternate day above.

7-8 weeks, time comes to your doorstep. This is going to be the very grueling weeks and crucial time for your outcome.

For 7-8 weeks, you have to perform pull-ups every day before moving into your main workout. If you have accessibility to banded pull-ups (it is called assisted pull-ups as well) that is good, else take support. 3 Sets of 6-8 reps hope you appreciate my effort and love my content.

This was all about “pull ups for beginners” I hope you get some new from this post. For getting more new post updates, allow push notification so that you can receive new post immediately as I update. Thanks.

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