L-Citrulline Vs L-Arginine, Dosage And Timing


L Citrulline Vs L Arginine, what is used for arginine

Hello, friends, Sometimes it becomes very tricky to define what is the difference between L Citrulline Vs L Arginine. But it is the most used supplement among fitness freaks to enhance their vascularity and performance.

Being a precursor to L-arginine and L-citrulline can significantly be used to treat some conditions like erectile dysfunction apart from using sports supplements. Also, it is great to improve blood circulation as well.

Now, Let’s have a look to a bit more detailed In this post, make sure read this post till the end in order to better understand the concept

What Are L-Citrulline And L-Arginine

In fact, L Citrulline and L Arginine both are amino acids, the molecules that make up protein which is produced by the body, you can easily get from foods like nuts, fish, chicken, peanuts contain arginine, citrulline is mostly found in fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate, and legumes but the highest concentration of citrulline is watermelon.

Because of the non-essential amino acid profile, we don’t need that much as we can get from foods easily as I mentioned above, but when we are highly active and have a certain goal to enhance vascularity and performance then you can add to give some boost into their workout.

However, citrulline and arginine are both different amino acids, they continuously convert back and forth from one into the other.

When you consume arginine, this is an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase for short (NOS) which breaks down into a gas called nitric oxide (No).

While when you consume citrulline, it simply straight travels to the kidneys to convert into arginine and start the same cycle again.


Both L-citrulline and L-arginine are non-essential amino acids, means which is produced by the human body. Hence, it is not required to add additional supplements only when you are not highly active or have a certain goal. Since you can get from foods as well.

3 Common Benefits Of Citrulline

Basically, there are numerous benefits of L-citrulline as a supplement, but we are going to talk about some commons of them.

1. Improves The Physical Performance

This is not the new term that helps improve physical performance, most of you are very familiar with it.

As per the research with supplementation, l-citrulline is indeed a great way to improve both endurance and resistance if you take with the right amount and right timing.

also, one study proved that when men doing resistance training, they were supplemented with 8 grams of l-citrulline before their chest workout.

And the effects were amazing. Simply, the numbers of reps increased up to 52% and decreased muscle soreness after training. However, your overall diet matters as well.

2. Helps Treat In Erectile Dysfunction

This is one of the amazing benefits since it helps to increase the ability to blood flow resulting in a direct advantage of erection.

Also, l- citrulline prevents erectile dysfunction which is a common disorder these days, it does come with zero side effects.

3. L-Citrulline Helps Control Our Body Needs

However, there so many functions involved within the body when it comes to controlling, some of them are:-

  • Helps enhance the immune system and overall health
  • Promotes the construction of human growth hormone, creatine, and hormone insulin, etc
  • Helps control essential metabolic procedure
  • Helps detoxify and prepare the body for severe training
  • Aids in getting around ammonia from the liver and cells.


All points that have mentioned above, are associated with l-citrulline because l-citrulline is a good amino acid that is not only used by bodybuilders but also athletes.

What Are The Right Dosage And Timing

You should take around 3-5 grams of citrulline per day if you want to improve your workout performance.

Mainly, you should have citrulline about 15-30 minutes before training and you can also have it after or during training. It could be effective in maximizing your results since citrulline is fast-acting, you may experience its results in just 3 to 5 days.

Also, before taking it, make sure you consult with your doctor especially, when you have kidney disease or abnormalities.

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3 Common Benefits Of Arginine

When it comes to arginine benefits, it is almost the same benefits as citrulline like helping treat erectile dysfunction.

There Some more common benefits are-

1. L- Arginine Can Boost Human Growth Hormone Release (HGH)

As you already know boosting your HGH levels is pretty effective for losing fat and growing muscles. Also, it aids to improve your energy levels, blood flow, cognitive ability, and well-being.

Though arginine is one of the natural ways when it comes to boosting growth hormone secretion (Study 1)

When you take an oral supplement of arginine increases HGH levels by up to 100%. Though l-arginine hampers the growth of HGH when it is combined with exercise.

Since exercise naturally can boost your HGH levels by up to 500%, while when you combine it with exercise increases by 200%. So, the study suggests that you should simply skip arginine in your pre-workout for bodybuilding.

However, it will help you with cardiovascular workouts and faster exercise recovery if your overall diet is on point.

2. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

One study published in the Alternative Medicine Review observed the effects of l-arginine on the blood pressure of healthy volunteers, and in that study, the 29 volunteers were given about 1 gram of l-arginine 2-3 times per day about 2 grams daily.

After about 7 days, researchers found a small decrease in diastolic and systolic (blood pressure). In fact, the reduction in blood pressure was not too high, but in conjunction with other blood pressure therapies or a high dose of arginine, it can be more efficient.


It helps lower down you BP but not in a significant amount. Also, it not only helps lower down BP but also helps treat diabetes (Study 2).

3. Helps Weight Loss

A Study Conducted by The Journal Dietary Supplements with non-diabetic obese female volunteers. They had 3 grams of l arginine 3 times a day and were advised on lifestyle changes.

After 12 weeks, some volunteers had a great lower waist circumference about 46 to 42 inches and overall weight loss about 6 pounds.

Keep in mind, both supplements have not major side-effects. But if you overdose it, you have

Apart from it, l-arginine weight loss benefits are associated with its effects on exercise tolerance. If those who exercise to lose weight will get the benefit to work out for longer resulting burn more calories.

Timing and Dosage

Basically, there are various doses people use as per the activity level and experienced level.

Let’s give some close attention to its best time since there is a reason why I say this? Because if you search on Google, it will tell you many things about its dosage as it is used for many purposes together.

However, I am talking about for experienced gym-goer, by the way, no need to have beginners.

Keep in mind, there is no standard dosage of this supplement but on the other hand, the recommended range is between 5-6 grams for erectile dysfunction and if you are taking it for vascularity or pump 1 mg in pre-workout and 500 mg after a workout.

But if you overdose it, you may have to face like nausea or diarrhea. Otherwise, it is 100% safe unless and until you have already a problem.


Both supplements have almost a similar effect and help in many ways. Remember if you are a beginner just started out a workout, you don’t need any supplements.

You just focus on you home cooked-food and healthy diet up to 3-6 month then see, where you stand for. As per your goal, move on to add the supplements stack.

Most importantly, as I always say, supplements are just add on, have not any magic. Magic is only with your healthy and clean nutrition.

Also, keep in mind, before using any of these, even if you are going to use erectile dysfunction, consult with a doctor.

This was all about “L citrulline Vs L Arginine” I hope this article is useful to you. Share your thoughts below and if you still have confusion feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks

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