Intermediate Workout Routine (2019)

intermediate workout

Hello, friend, how are you? I hope you all are good. Today, I am going to share an intermediate workout routine. I hope this article is helpful for you to better understand.

However, I have already written a post on beginner workout complete guide. Make sure you also check that out if you are a beginner and has landed on this page directly.

You are so lucky that you have landed on this page, and if you are looking for the perfect guide, let’s have a look into a bit more detailed. However, before I get into the specific topic, there are a few important things that you need to understand.

How To Know You are a Beginner

Before you get into the workout, the first thing you need to make sure that you are really an intermediate.

Also, I have seen many gym goers. They start doing advanced routine early after following beginner routine. It brings you down the wrong side of your journey, all you end up screwing yourself in the end by using a weight training program.

Remember, the body takes time to get used to each workout. Give your body time to get in the flow in order to understand each and every technique of workout.

Back to the topic again that how to know you are a beginner?

So, the simple rule is after six-ten months of proper training, strength and intensity will increase and if you notice that, the member is taking more than 90 minutes to him/her training sessions then you can call that you are intermediate.

So, if you have completed your beginner routine, then you can consider this routine in order to allow your body to the next level.

The General Guideline For Intermediate

Beginners who typically tend to get benefit from the same type of basics beginner workout irrespective of their specific workouts.

For advanced and intermediate trainees, it can vary greatly depending on what the person is looking to get out of the comfort zone.

For an example, a program you started strictly and religiously towards strength or performance can look thoroughly different than a program you started strictly towards looking good and muscle building.

So, friends, for your kind information, there are no true guidelines that can always stand for all advanced workout routines or intermediate. Since there are so many variations that you can add to your workout.

In fact, there are some guidelines that you can consider in most cases. Since this is what they generally work best at an advanced and intermediate level.

Let’s take a look at some guidelines that you should keep in mind

  • Moderate volume- Big muscle groups should be trained usually between 60-120 reps per week, and smaller muscle groups should half of that.
  • Moderate frequency- Your each muscle group or movement. should be trained once or every 3rd or 5th day.
  • A combination of advanced methods and techniques
  • A combination of machine exercises, free weight, along with a mixture of isolation exercises and compound.
  • Always focus on progressive overload.
  • A good combination of higher variety rep ranges

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The Most Commonly Used Workout Routines

Now, we have covered basic guidelines. Now, it is high time to create your intermediate workout routine, and you have identified that you are indeed an intermediate, it’s time to recommend you some workouts for different situations, goals, and weight training.

MONDAYChest, Shoulder, and Triceps
 FRIDAY Back and Biceps
SATURDAYAbs and Cardio

As you can see the schedule there is (3-day split) also know as push/pull routine – here upper body is divided into two different training sessions and legs on separate training sessions.

However, I have also mentioned 3-day beginner workout routine. But it is not necessary that you the same 3-day routine, you can cut down to 2 split.

However, there are many variations to perform the same schedule, but this is a simple and best routine which are followed by many.

Get Prepared For The Workout

Before you get into that workout, do some warm-up exercises in order to get your body prepared for the workout, and after finishing your workout, do cool down and some stretching exercises in order to relax your body and bring your heart level at a normal level.

Here is the workout routine you have to follow for about 3-6 months. However, it depends on your progress. If you are making enough progress. You can get into an advanced workout routine. I would recommend do it for 3 months to get better results.

Chest, Shoulder and TricepsSetsReps
Incline Barbell Press2-310-12
Flat Dumbbell Press2-310-12
Butterfly 2-310-12
Overhead Press2-310-12
Lateral Raises2-310-15
Upright Row2-310-12
Cable Push Down2-310-15
Close Grip Bench Press2-310-12
Laying Triceps Extension 2-310-15
Leg Extensions2-310-15
Leg Press 2-310-12
Leg Curl2-310-15
Standing Calf Raises2-312-15
Back and Biceps
Lat Pull Down2-310-12
Seated Row2-310-12
One Arm Dumbbell Row2-310-12
Biceps Curls2-310-12
Preacher Curls2-310-12
Incline Hammer Curl2-310-15
Lower Back
Back Extension2-310-15

In this workout schedule, you have to do only 3 days rest you can take rest. However, if you think that the number of workouts is not enough, you can add 1 more any activity like Zumba or Boxing or Yoga

Points to be noted

  • Always start your workout with good warm-up and stretching
  • Don’t go too heavy. According to your strength always life weights
  • Keep your form absolutely perfect. Don’t compromise with it.
  • Keep your tempo nice and slow, while performing each exercise. Tempo should be 3-5 sec
  • Always focus on your progressive overload which is the key to increasing your streanth
  • Carry a water bottle with you so that you can keep your body hydrated and sip it throughout your workout
  • Cool your body down after finishing your every workout sessions.
  • Take proper nutrition that is the fundamental of fitness.
Workout Summary

Goal: Build strength & endurance
Difficulty: 3/5

Duration 1 hour
Equipment: Needed
Type:- Low to medium impact training 

Finally, this was all about “intermediate workout routine. I hope you like it and share so that others can also avail of it, and share your thoughts below and tell what is your favorite schedule that you love to perform most.

For any any question, comment or E-mail. See you soon in the next article. Stay tuned.

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