How To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar – Dosage & Benefits

how to drink apple cider vinegar juice

Most of you have already familiar with this term that how to drink apple cider vinegar and what are the benefits and dosage. But many out there could be who haven’t the deep information about it.

That is why I am going to cover all the aspects of apple cider vinegar today. Make sure you read till the end. Half information is always dangerous.

You know apple cider vinegar has been in natural medicine and cooking for the past thousands of years.

Not only that, many claims that it has numerous benefits, including improved sugar levels, weight loss, decreased the risk of heart disease. and relief from indigestion, etc.

However, many benefits are supported by science like lower blood sugar levels, reduced cholesterol and improved symptoms of diabetes.

Before We get int to the topic we need to understand what is apple cider vinegar and process. Let’s have a look-

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar & Process?

Apple Cider Vinegar is simply the most popular type of vinegar in our natural health community.

Simple, Apple cider vinegar is a liquid produced during the fermentation of apple cider. During this process, the sugar in apples is fermented by bacteria or yeast added to the cider, then alcohol, then into vinegar.

Also, understand Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step process which is related to how alcohol is made (Study 1).

In fact, apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugar from apples. After that, it turns into acetic acid, which is the active ingredient in vinegar that is good from the point health point of view.

7 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Helps Lower The Diabetes

As you know that type 2 diabetes is a condition that straight affects millions worldwide. Diabetics are either unable to produce insulin or they experience insulin resistance ( Study 2).

Although high blood sugar can be a problem in who don’t have diabetes, and it is supposed to be a major cause of various chronic diseases and aging.

Vinegar has been shown to have several benefits for blood and insulin levels including:-

  • 2 tables spoons of apple cider vinegar before going to bed can reduce fasting blood sugar in the morning by up to 4% (Study 3).
  • Helps improve insulin sensitivity during a high-carb meal by up to 19-34% and lower the insulin responses and blood sugar.
  • Numerous other studies show that vinegar can improve your insulin function and lower blood sugar level after meals ( Study 4, 5)
  • Also, helps reduce blood sugar by 34% after eating 50g of white bread (Study 5).

2. Helps Lose Weight

It helps people lose weight by increasing feelings of fullness and reducing the amount of food eaten all day long (Study 6)

In a study shows that one or two tablespoons around (15 or 30 ml) of apple cider vinegar daily for 3 months helped overweight people lose on an average of 2.6 and 3.7 pounds around (1.2 and 1.7 kg) (Study 7)

Although you have to keep mind that this study went for 3 months, so the real effects on body weight appear to be modest.

In order to drink it, you can stir it into a glass of water and drink it before meals or simply mix it with oil to make a salad dressing.


Apple cider vinegar is beneficial to a weight loss and it increases feelings of fullness and helps people eat fewer calories, which simply leads to weight loss.

Also, drinking 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) of apple cider vinegar each day for many months may promote weight loss in people who come overweight category.

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3. Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

As you know cardiovascular disease includes heart disease and stroke, and this is currently the world’s most common cause of premature death (Study 8)

Also, there are multiple factors that can lead to cholesterol diet. Some are genetic and some biological factors though.

In fact, several of these risk factors can be improved by vinegar consumption, but many of the studies were done in animals too.

4. Helps In Minor Sunburns

apple cider vinegar benefits

However, the common recommendation for a mild sunburn is a cool water compress, aloe gel, cool bath, or moisturizer. Some people use apple cider vinegar.

It can simply be added to a cool bath or mixed with cool water and sprinkled on affected areas. Make sure to avoid face to relieve pain and discomfort.

Also, apple cider vinegar should not be applied in strong concentration to the skin, since the acidity can further injure your skin. As well as it should be used for serious burns.

Before using it, make sure to consult your health physician for determining the severity of your sunburns.

5. Better Digestion

Drink apple cider vinegar

You’ve probably heart about probiotics. They live microorganism that simply helps with better digestion and destroys harmful bacteria. I think you know them from yogurt and other products, as such skin creams.

For your kind information, there are five types of probiotics in apple cider vinegar. But when you drink a cup of vinegar, it may or may not still be alive.

Luckily, probiotics, as opposed to probiotics are a special form of fiber. They simply nourish the friendly bacteria called probiotics that are already in laying in your gut.

When you drink apple cider vinegar it increases the acidity of your stomach, which helps your body create more enzyme and pepsin that breaks down protein (Study 9)

However, there is no research to support the use of vinegar for digestion and other acidic supplements, as such betaine HCL, can significantly increase the acidity of the stomach (Study 10).


Apple cider vinegar is good food digestion. But some claim, drinking one to two tablespoons (15-30 ml) of apple cider vinegar before meals can help digestion.

Although there is no research to support this practice, you can still get benefits when it comes to the individual’s experience.

6. Get Rid Of Dandruff

You know that dandruff is a common but annoying scalp condition. But it can cause too much of dry skin, oily skin, or fungus called Malassezia.

You can try treatments and shampoos that contain-

  • Coal tar- slows down how quickly scalp cells die and flake off
  • Ketoconazole- antifungal
  • Pyrithione zinc-reduced fungus
  • Selenium sulfide-slows down scalp cells from dying and relieve Malassezia
  • Salicylic acid- eliminate scaling

If you don’t want use any shampoos, can use natural remedies.

However, some experts recommend using cider vinegar for your dandruff problem. As the vinegar’s acidity changes the pH of your scalp and also has antibacterial properties.

Keep in mind it always should be used in small quantity in order to protect your eyes. If you have color-treated hair, make sure to consult your color technician as it may affect your color.

7. May Have Prevent From Cancer

Cancer is one of the most terrible disease characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells.

Also, there is a lot of hype online about the anti-cancer effects of apple cider vinegar.

As a matter of fact, numerous studies have shown that several types of vinegar can shrink tumors and kill cancer (Study 11, 12, 13).

Although all of the studies on this were done in isolated cells, which proves nothing about what happens in a living breathing human.

Along with it, some observational studies show in human that vinegar consumption is associated with decreased esophageal cancer in China, but increased bladder cancer in Serbia ( Study 14, 15)


Consuming apple cider vinegar may help prevent cancer, but it needs to be more research before any recommendations can be made.

Some studies in rats and test tubes have shown that vinegar can shrink tumors and slow the growth of cancer.

Dosages And How To Drink

In order to incorporate apple cider vinegar in your diet is to use it in your cooking for salad dressings.

Many people like to dilute it in water and drink it as a beverage. Common dosages can be ranging from 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 ml) to 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) per day.

Make sure initially start with small doses and avoid taking large amounts. As too much vinegar can lead to harmful side effects.

Use only organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother. However, Bragg’s seems to be the most popular option, which is easily available on Amazon.

Some Safety Tips

Remember, apple cider vinegar, like other types of vinegar is like acid to your body. Make sure don’t drink it straight.

Instead, you should add one or two tablespoons of vinegar to a glass of water.

If you don’t add enough water, it will be too acidic for your esophagus. The apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach it is a great start out the day.


Final words, apple cider vinegar can help control blood sugar and promote weight loss. But unfortunately, research doesn’t support claims that it can prevent heart disease, infection or cancer, and improve digestion.

Due to the little evidence available, I think that apple cider vinegar may be beneficial and is certainly good for some experimentation if you are willing to it.

But apple cider vinegar is completely safe to consume in moderation but has not been extensively researched.

However, these can be highly beneficial for people who like to keep as chemical free and natural. You should definitely add it.

In fact, this has not miracle and magic to cure all your problems other things also matters like your overall lifestyle.

Last but not least, apple cider vinegar appears to be very healthy and it has some health benefits, especially for weight control and sugar control.

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