HIIT Workout For Beginners to Get You in Shape

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This is one of the great training methods to kick your workout to the next level, but people don’t have exact information about high-intensity interval training workouts especially for beginners, they always wanting to lose fat at a faster pace. So, this type of workout could be beneficial to you and also it is time-saving. You can burn more calories in a short span of time. I am going to share bodyweight HIIT cardio workout for beginners in today’s post.

This type of  HIIT (High-intensity Interval Cardio )  is a great form of workout. The beauty of HIIT Workout for beginners its lies not only in its results but also in its simplicity. Although the word of (intensity) sometimes could be daunting for beginners, interval training can help beginners to get fit at a faster pace. High-intensity cardio is best

In fact, there are many ways to perform HIIT  workout training for beginners. More advanced exercises can work at a very high-intensity level, where we take our heart into the anaerobic zone, where oxygen is at a premium. One more thing, it also builds your endurance more quickly and transforms your body faster than any other typical cardio training.

And also it makes your workout super fun, mix things up which can make the workout super fun and interesting because changes are required for the body in order to get you out of comfort zone. If you love living in comfort, straight away out of that zone and add different variations to your workout regimen, living comfort zone you cannot get success in any fields work hard and see the magic.” hard work pays off


Now, you must be thinking that you can do HIIT workout if you are not a veteran exerciser, and my answer is yes. A beginner can learn and get a lot out of HIIT workout training for beginners.

Not only you can change your workout, making them a little more fun and you can give your body a little chance to get used to working just a litter harder.

Interval Training Workout Sample

The following workout is going to be only for 21 minutes workout and 5 minutes cooldown which is the best for busy persons as well. Start if you are a beginner. It’s 21 minutes workout will push you a bit out of your comfort zone. Don’t count cool down as a workout.
It means you will not be breathless or miserable, just simply pushing yourself just a bit, and this is the perfect way to build a firm and strong foundation for getting healthy and losing fat.

You Needed Equipment 

The workout basically is shown that using a treadmill with changes in speed and incline, but according to your choice you can choose any machine or take your workout outside.
The stationary bicycle and elliptical trainer machine could be the great choices because of its low impact on joints and is also good who have knee problems. You can also do a brisk walk, cycle, and jog, etc.

Direction To Perform

1.Warm up 

When it comes to warm up, people often avoid doing warm-up and stretching before getting into their main workout. Therefore, they have to face injury which is the worst thing that we ever do in our life. Must add a warm and stretching session for 5-10 minutes in order to improve performance, flexibility, lubricate the joints and prepare the body for the intense activity.

2. Work sets

You can use the settings on your machine like speed, resistance, and incline. In order to increase intensity outside, look for hill area. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, then it could be a little uncomfortable.

3. Increase the intensity and speed As Per Your Fitness level 

If you’re not comfortable or ready to perform higher intensity, go with low intensity in which you are comfortable. If it doesn’t seem to be enough hard for you, you can increase the speed or resistance or the incline. HIIT workout for beginners

4.Recovery Sets  

Recovery sets are very important in order to bring your heart rate down. Lower down the settings, or slow down or go downhill for outdoor activity as long as you are back to a moderate pace. In fact, you must be thoroughly recovered before your next workout set.

Make sure you monitor your intensity  

Considering your intensity and keeping your heart under your control you can set your intensity on any machine in order to avail of more benefits from it. Ensure you don’t have to breathless while doing it. Always start with a slow and steady pace, then as your days go up, increase your level.

Workout split

Repeat 2-3 times as per your fitness level.
This workout is based on the treadmill.
   How Long
  Intensity (1-10)
1. Warm up
2. Walk Briskly
3. Walk at a moderate pace
4. Walk as much as you can
5. Walk slowly
6. Walk Briskly
7. Walk at a moderate pace
8. Walk as fast as possible
9. Walk Slowly
10. Walk at a moderate pace
11. Walk as fast as possible
12. Walk slowly
13 Cool down
  5 minutes
  1 minute
  2 minutes
  1 minute
  2 minutes
  1 minute
  2 minutes
  1 minute
  2 minutes
  1 minutes
  2 minutes
  1 minute
  5 minutes

Without Equipment

You can perform anywhere in the park or home, but make sure your form is perfect while performing each exercise. Before you perform this, don’t forget to warm up for 5-10 minutes then start performing it. Repeat 2-3 times as per your fitness level. I have repeated 2 times a total of 7 exercises and 5 minutes cool down in this chart below. If you are not comfortable with 7 exercises you can cut down up to 4
Hiit workout for beginners

Once you have done this schedule, now you feel that you are ready to progress. You can simply increase the intensity and time in order to make it much harder.

Try to add this kind of training with other activities to take you to the next level, will help improve endurance and help burn more of calories. This steady increment of duration will help you get into better shape slowly without working so hard.

Points to be noted 

  • If you are gaining on mode, only 1 day you can incorporate this a week in order to increase your cardiovascular endurance. If you are losing fat, then you can add 2- 3 times a week. It will help you far better than regular cardio.
  • To achieve any goal, you need to have patience, positive mindset, consistency, and continuous hard work.
  • Nutrition plays a very big role in getting physic better and chiseled, without nutrition any workout is just a waste of time and impairing your health.
  • If you have any physical problems, or heart problem you can consult your doctor before you get into this type of training.
  • Carry a water bottle with you around 500-750ml and sip it throughout the workout.

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                                                                                             …..Best of luck…..

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