HIIT Cardio To Take Your Workout Next Level

HIIT Cardio(High-Intensity Interval Training)?

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High-Intensity Interval Cardio
This is a very common question that what is HIIT and how to add to our workout schedule. Today I am going to all the major benefits and also how you can add this type of cardio to your workout so as to get the better burning effect so that you can melt off your extra fat extensively. But remember your diet/nutrition must be on point when it works as a killer.

What is HIIT(High-Intensity Interval  Training)?

Basically, High-Intensity Interval Training is the best option to bump up your cardio and take you out of the comfort zone to the next level to add intensity and strength to your workout.
let's understand what exactly HIIT training is? It is the form of cardio in which you increase your heart rate at a certain point for a short period of time and then add slow intensity cardio to recover. Let's take an example-30 sec sprint HIIT then 1-minute recovery interval
This idea is to work in the upper percentage of your heart rate zone. The higher your heart rate, the more you will burn calories. As hard as you can during the work interval, it takes you into your anaerobic zone(activity occurs in absence of oxygen where you feel breathless or you made it your heart rate more than 80% of your maximum heart rate) a place where there is not enough oxygen for your body and your muscles need continue oxygen to exercising. That is something you can perform only for a short period of time because it is intense for a fresh person.

Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Cardio

In fact, this type of training mostly used by athletes to improve performance, but, it's also has been shown the benefits of the normal exerciser. Here are some of the benefits of HIIT training.
1. It helps you burn more calories=Fat-
This is where the real benefits come in, especially if you would want to lose weight and burn fat this could be the best option for you. Although studies have shown that HIIT training allows you to burn more fat within the exercising muscles, it's pretty amazing as we have always found that spot reduction doesn't work.

2. It improves your performance-

Add a little HIIT  cardio into your routine and you'll notice a disparity in your other workouts, you have more stamina and performance.

3. It helps you burn more calories throughout the day-

The other great thing about HIIT is that, because you are taking your body out of its comfort zone to work that hard, it has to burn more of calories to get your body back into balance after the workout it means a greater burn and you'll automatically burn extra calories even if you are resting/sitting after your workout.

4. Your workout gets shorter

A typically HIIT lasts 15-30 minutes and involves a 2:1 ratio, means your recovery intervals are twice as long as the workout intervals. An example 1 minute sprint 2 minutes recovery intervals. Some people do 30 sec sprint and 1 minute recovery intervals. You can perform this with several ways as per you maximum heart capacity.

5.How to create a workout

Creating your own HIIT workout is simple. you basically choose a very high intensity exercise, like sprinting all out, cycling, elliptical and stair-master as fast as you can, etc. Before you head to this training do warm up about 10-15 minutes properly then get straight to it, as i mentioned above 30 sec sprint and 1 minute recovery interval and as your level is up you can increase the timing of you training by up to 2:1 ration.
If you are a beginner, going to perform this, simply i don't recommend  you because it is a high level of intensity training and you won't like it too and your body won't be able to adapt quickly,but you can start with aerobic(present of oxygen) interval training and work your way up from there.
Beyond that, you can try one or more of the following workouts, which really takes you into that killer burning zone.

Interval Problem

Interval training is not without its downfalls. Of course, just because i am suggesting it to build a lean physic, doesn't mean you should involve it into your routine on a daily basis.

True interval training is not a rushed jog. In fact, The (CNS) central nervous system is primarily affected by this type of high-intensity training takes around 48 hours to recover. Over training leads to overflow. If  you are over-training, it can affect your CNS and cause muscle damage, metabolic stress and mechanical tension. Interval training actually must be recommended with sufficient recovery time. Clean gain
I hope this article is helpful to better understand if you still have some confusion comment or mail and
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