Does Running Help You Lose Weight? (2019)

Does running help you lose weight, does running help you lose fast weight
Running is the best to improve your edurance

Actually, this is a very debatable topic but in this post, I am going to clear all the major aspects that you have to consider that Does Running Help You Weight Loss? Make sure read till the end so that you can learn each and every bit of it.

Yes, as you know this is one of the most vigorous exercises, and when it comes to running it is an effective activity for weight loss. In fact, there is a lot of runners who get sufficient good results while others fall victim to make mistakes.

So, if you are expecting to use running strategy to lose weight, here is the expert advice that will help you succeed and stay on track. Let’s get started now.

#1. Set Up Healthy Eating Habits

When it comes to attaining a healthy goal, this is a crucial term “healthy eating” and I often talk about eating a healthy diet rather than crap. This will decide how get your result appear.

However, if you wanna lose weight by running, you have to keep in mind that only when you can burn more calories if you have fewer calories than you consume daily.

In order to lose 1 pound weight, is required 3,500 calories, and this is the simple science you must know So, you will have to combine running with a powerful healthy diet.

However, runners need good and special nutrition in order to meet the daily requirements, but the basic principles for healthy eating still apply.

Try always choosing a smaller portion of high-fat and high-caloric foods add more of fruits, whole grains, and a good amount of vegetables.

There is a common eating mistake among runners is that they often overcompensate for the calories burned by a workout with extra calories from beverages and food.

Even some runners find weight loss or gain weight, rather than regular training. Remember, in order to hit your goal, you have to know how much calories you are eating a day. As per that you can manipulate your calories. Learn more about calories calculation.

#2. Push Yourself But Don’t Think Too Much

As we all know that athletes are constantly optimizing their race day strategies and training plans, but you don’t have to go crazy if you are just beginning.

However, when are planning to lose weight, and if you do sprints, which have a higher rate of calories burned per minute. On the other hand, if you like walking or slow jogging, simply you will need to spend more time to burn more and more calories.

A study published in Medicine And Science in Sports And Exercise found that runners lose more weight than walkers during a 6 year period, presumably due to the afterburn effect.

you know that if you do running at a high intensity will create simply after-burn effect resulting in losing more of calories. “Why does it happen? Since your body burns constantly calories even if you’re no longer moving as well.

“Expert suggests starting with three 30-minute runs a week, sprinting for 30 sec then recovering for 30 sec to a minute.

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#3. Set Up Treadmill Tips

Does running help you lose 
Does running help you lose weight fast

There are a lot of new runners fail to set up their treadmill running plan and start on a treadmill for safety and convenience reason. Remember, if you follow for a long time it’s not gonna work for you by all means.

Make sure once you improve your confidence and endurance, you may want to switch to outdoor running. However, to get started on a treadmill is a great idea and place to develop the running the habit.

Considering these points to speed up treadmill running routine so that you can readily burn more calories in each and every session.

  • Do Warm-up And Cold Down- Many of you know that warm up and cool down are an integral part of avoiding any injury. Always start with a 5-10 minute slow jog or walk. Don’t go fast do at around 2.5 mph to 3.5 mph. At the end of your workout allow your heart rate to bring down to 10 bpm before getting off. In fact, cool down will help you prevent from fainting, dizziness, and delayed onset muscle (DOMS).
  • Avoid Heel Striking-This is something when you land on your heel, with your feet ahead of the rest of your body, this can cause to shin splints and some other issues. Concentrate on landing midsole with your foot straight underneath your body with each and every step. Always try to keep your steps quick and light.
  • Focus On Upper Body- Basically, the treadmill handrails help you get on and off the treadmill, and this is not for you to grip firmly at the time of running. So, you’ve to make sure while running, move your arm. In fact, they should swing back and forth at a 90-degree angle at your hip level. Other than that, make sure your arms are rotating at your shoulder, not swinging across your body simple.
  • Make Sure Keep Your Head Up And Stright- Many of us make a big mistake while running is looking down. Basically, looking down at your feet or at the treadmill is considered incorrect form and can cause neck and back pain. Slouching is also not a correct form to avoid it. Moreover, looking straight ahead is the good and safest way to run. However, whether you are running outside or on running. Make sure your form must be correct during each session.
  • Set Up Outdoor Running Strategie-Set properly treadmill inclination in between 1-2 percent. As there is no wind resistance indoors except outside. In fact, a gentle uphill can help better stimulate outdoor running. Yes, of course, if are new to running, it is good to leave the incline at zero percent unless and until you build up your fitness.

#4. Never Forget To Strength Training

Does running help you lose weight, does running help lose weight fast

Strength training is a great idea to add to their running schedule in order to build strength. On the other hand, cross-training is also vital for a few reasons. First up, it helps make you a stronger runner and reduce the risk of injury.

Only running can be hard for your joints if you don’t have the muscle to support them. Moreover, lifting weight will help you lose weight fast and increase metabolic rate.

Since weight training helps you increase muscle mass, a simple rule is that the more you lean muscles mass you have, the more you will be capable to burn calories at rest. It’s absolutely right more muscle mass is linked to burned more calories.

#5. Sleep Soundly

Does running help you lose weight, does running help lose weight fast

In order to achieve any goal in life, a good amount of sleep is very crucial no matter how you give excuses in life, but remember sleep is directly linked to your each and everyday progress and
of course for your body recovery.

While developing good habits of sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly are associated with weight loss as well as resting at night even more important in terms of rec.

As per the study published by Plos One journal last year, researchers found that people
who didn’t take adequate sleep, they were more likely to have higher body mass indexes and a larger waist than those who took adequate sleep.

But there is good news, running can help you fall asleep deeply. Numerous studies show that the daily aerobic exercise, especially moderate to intense type of cardio like yoga and strength training help improve our sleep quality, which simply helps us avoid the sleep deprivation, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolism issues.


So, running is linked to weight loss and this is a great activity to enhance overall performance, It has a high-calorie burn and can be easily done anywhere. You just need a pair of good running shoes.

But remember, these tips will only work when you take fewer calories than your maintenance.

Finally, this is all about Does Running Help You Lose weight? If you’ve any question regarding or confusion feel to comment below I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible. Keep loving, keep supporting.

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