The best 6 Cardio Workouts

 Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

When it comes to cardio, people always think that cardio is the only solution to get rid of extra pounds of weight, but stop, strength training is also as important as cardio with the right combination of your weight training and cardio can give you the optimal result what are you are looking for.

In fact, strength training boosts up your metabolism and you get the extra benefit to burning off calories even at rest.

The prospect of getting solid cardio workouts can be daunting for some people, plus maybe you don't even know the best cardio technique to lose weight. The fearing or lack of knowledge can cause in losing interest in your cardio rather than losing pounds.
Never fear and never give up, not only for doing cardio but also for doing other activities, this is an opportunity to look yourself shredded in the mirror. Here I am going to give you surprising cardio workouts for weight loss, you may want to do it

    Benefits Of Cardio

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1. Helps Boost Your Immunity

As long as you are jogging through smog, the notion is that you are harming your immunity system by getting in cardiovascular exercise outdoor is kind of nonsense thing that you ever do. Consequently, the cardio exercise in most environments make your immunity stronger and help you to reduce your body's risk of bacterial infection and prevent ailments.

2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Your heart is a muscle just like any other muscles, to keep it healthy and strong it has to be worked properly. By getting your heart rate up at a stretch; you'll make your heart stronger and decrease your risk of heart disease and other problematic conditions to improve your overall cardiovascular health. As per the American Heart Association recommends on an average 150 minutes per week moderate aerobic exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.

3. Helps Boosts Your Weight Loss

Cardio workouts literally help you lose weight like none other, if you're going to start a new cardio regimen, you can see result forthwith. But on top of that, you need weight training to maintain a healthy metabolism, but if you would want to push yourself from moderate to high intensity, you will burn off calories and fat effectively during each and every cardio workout session.

4. It Gives You A Mood Boost

In fact, cardiovascular exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, this is the feel-good chemical which is mainly responsible for balancing your mood and keeping away depressive thoughts. That is why many people love doing a cardio activity, as they have taken to help their overall mental health. Even brisk walk can noticeably alter your attitude

5. Improve Your Blood Circulation

It also helps you improve your blood circulation, and healthy blood circulation is a vital part of it because blood carries all the nutrients to the working muscles, resulting in more oxygen, better pump, and long-lasting activity without exhausting early. On top of that, poor blood circulation for a longer period of time can lead to problems such as heart stroke, heart attack. Keeping your blood circulation at an optimal level you can prevent from occurring these problems.

 6. Best Cardio For Weight Loss

1. Jumping Rope

This is one of the best exercises for weight loss you can say, with the help of this, on an average you can burn 600 calories/per hour. It is not only a caloric blaster but also helps build bone density, make your heart stronger and strengthens your legs.

According to study, you will have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you can burn only with the help of a jumping rope. Medicine at the University of Connecticut Health and Center in Farmington says that jumping is something that fit adults can easily add to their routine.

Jumping rope is also a great form of plyometric workout ( it is type of strength training workout)where both feet mostly off the ground. Plyometric helps your heart pumping and burn calories like none other. Give it a shot to this cardio workout anywhere park, home, and gym also time-saving.

2. Walking

Yes, indeed walking is good, simple and most available exercise out there. Jut by walking you can burn around 300-400 calories per hour. Waking is not only a great way to burn off calories, but it is also a low impact workout especially for those who are old  have some knee issue, they can easily perform on the sand area or the grass

3. Kettle-bells

Kettle-bell it is basically cannonball-shaped weight that produces a powerful and effective workout as if you have never experienced before. You can burn around 800-900 calories per hour. Kettle-bell workouts you can combine with strength and cardio training as a complete workout. And if you are looking for calories burn, look no further because This workout is really gonna help to burn up to 20 calories per minute, which is equal to running 6-minute miles.

4. HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training)

As a matter of fact, High-Intensity Interval Training has gowns by leaps and bounds in the last several years. By doing this, you can burn around 600 calories per hour. What was once used to train only elite athletes and now it can be found in any gym or all over online.
High-intensity interval training comes in many forms, but the goal remains the same go all out with your high intensity for a short interval, then take a recovery rest and do it again. These higher intensity periods increases the heart rate and your body's need for oxygen, mean your system is looking for that oxygen, hence burn more fat than lower intensity training.

5. Cycling

Remember those days when you were a kid and riding a cycle that was the best day. But unfortunately, we didn't know the value of riding cycle. Get back and start peddling. Cycling could be an excellent way to exercise and increase the heart health, burn some more extra calories and strengthen your leg muscles.
In fact, outdoor cycling is superb and fills your need for fresh air and vitamin D.But everyone doesn't feel comfortable riding outside, so you can take an indoor cycling class. According to The American Council of Sports Medicine(ACSM), an average person can burn 400-600 calories in 45 minutes. It is actually super fun! Take a riding a bike with a room full of people, mix in some inspirational music and top it off with a great instructor and have fun.

6. Rowing Machine

Do you know that a machine is the corner of the gym quite often?
The rowing machine is something you must definitely be using. People might stay away from this machine, probably, they don't know how to use it correctly or they assume wrongly that it is just an upper body part exercise
But for your kind information, a rowing machine is good for the full body workouts the triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, quads, glutes, hamstring and core body, etc. Apart from all this strength training, bear in mind that the cardio benefits of rowing are kind of intense. As per the Harvard Health Studies, rowing can burn between 250-300 calories in 30 minutes and in an hour 500-600 calories.
Try this workout to burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and speed up your weight loss and add, workout with your strength training, this workout is going to be unbeatable for sure.

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