The 7 Health Benefits Of Warm-Up Before Workout

benefits of warm up

Hello, dear readers, today I am going to share the 7 benefits of warm-up. As you know is a very essential part of fitness. Not only warm up but also cool down and stretching.

Perhaps people don’t give as important as they give on other activities. Perhaps, they don’t have proper knowledge or guidance.

As they enter the gym all of a sudden start lifting weights, this is the only thing without warming up body and stretching can lead to major problems which are not good news for your joints, ligaments, and tendons.

While it plays a very crucial and effective role in order to increase your blood circulation, improve flexibility, improve performance and prepare your body mentally and physically for coming up workout.

That is just trailer, there are many benefits of warming up before starting over your main workout. Warm up and cool down are mostly incorporated into the workout routine.

The proper sequence of a workout has to be warm up with light stretching, building strength, and cool down.

Most of us who exercises regularly always try to skip the most essential part of the workout, they don’t understand the value of it.

The person who wants to exercise on a regular basis must incorporate warm up in their workout regimen before any physical activity and cool down at the end of your workout, which is done at low intensity, warm up too.

Even I have seen many coaches or trainers who neglect the cool down at the end of the workout. While it is essential for an activity as it helps to gradually return your heart rate to a normal level, prevents from delayed onset muscle soreness even prevent from fainting and dizziness.

Here I am going to share some major benefits of warm-up before a workout that everyone should keep in mind.

1. Helps Reduce The Risk Of Injury

health benefits of warm up, warm up workouts

A good warm up to 5-10 minutes is a stable way of increasing your physical activity and the blood flow to the working muscle and aids you to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury, which is most common these days.

The other benefit of doing warm-up is that it also aids you to decrease the stiffness, and it prepares your muscle for activity.

2. Psychological Benefit

It doesn’t mean that the benefits of workout are more physical before a workout as well as it enables positive psychological well-being.

In fact, doing warm-up does mentally prepare an athlete for an activity or even by increasing the focus and cleaning the mind. It is also an excellent mental exercise that rejuvenates the mind.

3. Helps Blood Flow To The Muscles

This is one of the great benefits of warm up before workout it prepares the body for intense activity and also ignites your cardiovascular system.

Before you begin a strenuous workout, it is important to know that your body makes a number of alterations as such promoting energy-releasing reactions in muscles, increasing breathing rate, and also increasing blood flow to the working muscles.

Do remember, before starting over your main workout, always think about warm-up always. This kind of changes don’t happen all of a sudden but it requires a few minutes to reach those crucial levels.

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4. Helps Decrease Fatigue And Stress

Incorporate warm-up

Yes, of course, warm-up helps release the stress and fatigue from your body. This is the simplest way to warm up, do an aerobic activity or if you are planning to add then, start over slowly with a lower range.

Try to use those movements which are similar to your exercise as such brisk walking or calisthenics. The benefits of warming up that it procrastinates unnecessary fatigue and stress on your muscles and helps increase performance.

5. Helps Prevent Injury

When temperature increases in the body through warming up can make elasticity better. Basically, warming up makes the blood temperature rises because of more oxygen in the body, which further helps improve stamina and prevents injuries.

By improving muscle elasticity, it reduces the pull and strain, soft tissue injuries are less likely through the proper warm up.

It also helps to remove lactic acid. lactic acid is mostly generated at a high rate, especially when you incorporate intense training exercises, like sprinting.

Apart from that the benefits of cooling down after the workout also help to decrease the chance of stiffness and cramps.

6. Warm-up Triggers Hormonal Changes

The production of several hormones which are mainly responsible for regulating the energy level in the body increases during a warm-up.

This balance of hormones simply aids to make more fatty acids and carbohydrates available for energy production.

That is how, warming up before workout improves your hormonal balance and helps boost metabolism.

7. Helps Enhance Coordination

When your nervous system is prepared, it communicates better with muscles.

A dynamic warm-up, which comprises moves like a slow mountain climber, lunges, and plan position, is especially much effective in stimulating the CNS (central nervous system).

While the nerve to muscle pathways communicate properly, the body tends to respond with rapid reaction times and swifter movements.

So, the benefits of warming up before workout or exercise can help in better workout performance and help take more challenging workout too.

What Muscle To Target

In order to get proper benefit of warming up make sure, warm up your major muscles like the chest and shoulder, thighs, glutes, hips, and calves. You can readily target these exercises by swinging your arms back and forth and marching in place.

To make your warms a bit varied, you can add skipping, jumping, knee push-ups or regular push-ups, etc.

If you are not comfortable with rope, so you don’t have to use a rope, just do the motion. You can also add big arm movements like circles while marching or jogging in place.

Stretching And Warm Up

If you want to get all the benefits of warming up, participate in a sport, then your warm-up
routine has to be specific.

Moreover, a typical warm-up, you’ve to be sure to warm up and target the particular muscle you will use in sport. in order to prepare accurate muscles, you will use during the sport perform or activity of the spot.

For example, If you are playing in a football game, then you will practice while throwing the football several times to warm up those particular muscles.

Length Of Warm Up

Warming up 5-10 minutes fair enough, depending on your physical needs. If your body is already somewhat warmed from active tasks, then you can do just for 5 minutes to properly warm up your body and oxygenated your muscles.

Although if you are sedentary for a while can do up to 10 minutes to get properly warm up your body.

Some Common Warm Up Exercises

  • Jumping Jacks
  • High Knee
  • Butt Kicks
  • Neck Rotation
  • Arm Circle Back And Forth
  • Chest Extension
  • Leg Swings
  • Neck Stretch 
  • Squats
  • Twister
  • Shoulder Internal rotation and external rotation
  • Push-ups and Chin-ups ( this could be slightly hard especially for a beginner). But you can do bended knee push-ups.

Finally, these are some common warm-ups exercises that everybody can perform even you are a beginner.

I hope this post is helpful in order to understand the value of warm up and cool down. Never start your workout before performing warm-up sets.

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