7 Reasons Why Should Women Weight Training

Today is a very important question that I usually get to hear on different platforms that should women weight training or what are the benefits of women weight training, etc.

When it comes to weight training, it is a very important key factor in losing fat along with your right nutrition.

Hence, I am here to provide good quality information and myth burst. Remember, weight-lifting is a weapon.

With the help of it, you can tone your body, improve your strength, reduce the injury, improve your performance, density of bones, improve your personality, burn more calories and enhance mood and reduce stress, etc.

I have also seen several women and girls, they do just cardio and cardio to lose fat, but weight-lifting is as important as cardio because weight training helps build lean muscle mass along with that raises your metabolic rate.

If I say in simple words, the more metabolic rate is high, the more you can easily burn off your calories at a faster pace that is the reason most of the fitness trainers recommend that after weight training or in fasted stage move to cardio section.

Because the time in your body has a low level of insulin, we get an extra benefit to bring the fatty acids out of the fat cells and can transport into the bloodstream to respective sites where can burn off these fatty acids.

However, now awareness becoming increasingly popular among women, but still many have fear to lift weight because some of them understand they will look like bodybuilders rather than create lean physic they desire. I m going to tell 4 major points which will make it clear more.

1. Lifting Weight Will Become Big And Bulky

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Big myth“, In fact, women are different from men because women have not enough levels of testosterone. On average, testosterone levels in men about seven to eight times as great as in women.

As you know that testosterone is the primary hormone that builds muscles. Only if you can become big and bulky when you are following a conspicuous training protocol with or having external testostorone

Rather than you become bulky, will become more toned and stronger.

2. Positive Impact On Our Bone Density

Weight lifting  women

When we put our bones under stress from the force of resistance training for a long period of time, They grow stronger and increase in density to withstand the extra load and force.

Although studies have shown both resistance training and aerobic help strengthen our ability to bone to tolerate.

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3. Help Boost Confidence And Improve Your Strength

Every time workout with weights, you become much stronger and healthier so that you will be able to lift more and more, which are both superbly satisfactory and motivating.

On top of that fat loss, which takes a lot of time, dedication, patience, consistency, and positive mindset to achieve your goal as well as your strength improves.

4. Helps Make You More Athletic

strength training for women

Everybody would want to look toned and chiseled body, but weight training is the only way to attain this kind of physic by follwing a good nutrition.

Not only that it will also improve your abilities in other sports. Having a solid strength helps improve many other elements of athleticism, comprising power, speed, endurance, agility, and muscle mass.

Also, strength training and weight training will help the body to adapt to the forces, it will confront during sport and through everyday life.

Now and then, weight training could be daunting, but all you have to do is ask someone around how to use weights properly, and then they’ll help you in that and never hesitate to ask any question especially about your body posture and correct form in the gym.

If you don’t have access to a gym, it is easy to look for home resistance based workouts using the starchy band, dumbbells or even you can work out in a park near to your home.

Once you start working out with weights and spent some time, there are chances you may never look back, and that day would be one of the pleasing days for your life to look yourself back in the mirror as clean and chiseled shape.

5. Quality Sleep

Yes, strength training greatly improves quality sleep no doubt. By helping in your ability to fall asleep faster, deeper, and wake less during the night especially.

Also, a study publishes in the International SportMed Journal suggests that high-intensity training and morning resistance training greatly affects the quality of sleep and expand the time of sleep at night after training often.

6. Helps Stress Relief

This is actually a very simple term. As we know that exercise generally is a great way to manage stress.

Also, researchers have consistently found that those who strength train has managed better stress and experience fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations.

7. Control Risk Of Diabetes

Simply, strength training helps increase lean muscle mass and metabolism through muscle strengthening activities can have a great impact on type 2 diabetes risk.

As per the study, a higher metabolism, due to increased lean muscle mass, greatly helps your body glucose keep in check.

On the other hand, a lower-fat-to-muscle ratio reduces the amount of insulin you need in the body.

I hope you like it. Share your thoughts below and tell how many points do you already know?

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