12 Health Benefits Of Dates (khajoor)

Benefits of dates

When it comes to dates, there are tons of benefits by the way. But I am going to share some of the prominent benefits of dates that everybody must know.

Dates (Khajoor) may you’ve have heard this idiom “out of the frying pan into the fire “. The fruit of the date is long, in which the leaves are very small, but this fruit is very sweet and beneficial. Hence, it is said that we should be like date rather than a date tree. It helps to prevent several diseases. Like blood pressure control, lower down cholesterol, prevent from anemia and heart protection, etc.

It is used as a fruit. Due to not being too expensive, every class of people can use it easily. This is the reason it works for the poor as a sweet and works for rich as a dry fruit. Also, it is called the King of Sweet Fruit. that is why its tree is called All Purse Tree.

Dates are highly recognized in the Muslim community, in the days of Ramadan they use dates to open their lent. Dates are very good in terms of health and by eating it, the body gets instant energy.

This is the reason why Muslims use it to break lent. Fresh dates are very soft, which are easily digested, there is also glucose in it and after eating it, you feel refresh. Due to all these reasons, people eat dates before the fasting in the month of Ramadan so that they can feel fresh and get energy all day long.

In the days of cold, dates are mostly used as compared to other days. By eating it with milk, the body gets hot, and rid of diseases. There are many other benefits that are going to tell here. Have a look.

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Dates nutrition facts:-

Per 100 g

Carbohydrate 74.97 grams
Protein-1.81 grams
Fat- 0.15 g
Cholesterol – 0g
Fiber – 6.7g
Vitamin – A149IU
Vitamin K – 2.7 mg
Sodium – 1 ml g
Potassium – 696 mg
Calcium – 64 mg
Magnesium – 54mg
Iron – 0.90 mg
Dates use

Date (khajoor) is used with milk for better strength
Make a date sauce and eat it.
Make sweet or halwa
You can use the date as a dry food as well

Benefits Of Eating Dates

1. Heart Safety

If your heart remains healthy, then simply our whole body is healthy. Keep the date soaked at night, eat it in the morning. It gives your heart strength. Dates contain potassium, which reduces the risk of stroke and other related problems associated with it. If you eat it only 2 times a week, you can protect your heart fully.

2. Prevent From Anemia

When red cells are reduced in our blood then we’ve to face anemia disease. Dates have a good amount of iron by which it keeps everything right in the blood. It also corrects the amount of hemoglobin in the body. Patients with anemia should take date daily and it will get a lot of benefits.

3. Helps Control Constipation

Fibers present in the dates are easily dissolved in the body. It helps us with the constipation problem. Soak the date in the morning for an empty stomach and drink water. By doing it daily you will never have to face constipation problem in the future.

4. Helps Weight Gain

It is a healthy fruit, contains sugar, protein and lots of vitamins. If you want to be lean, thin, or want to bring strength to your body then eat 4-5 dates with milk.

5. Helpful For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have different kinds of problems. Despite taking medicines. If you wanna be completely healthy then eat dates. Dates are also great for the child along with the mother. Due to the eating date, don’t have any delivery problem and increases the mother’s milk in the body as well. A study shows the effective when you have prior to pregnancy.

6. Helps Rid Of Blindness

Many people have difficulty in seeing at night, to remove this disease, by grinding the date left, apply around the eye and eat the dates daily. This remedy is very popular in the village. Moreover, dates keep the eyes healthy too. According to research, eating date every day keeps healthy eyes whole life. Dates contain Vitamin A which is quite helpful to increase eyesight.

7. Helps increase Lack Of Calcium

Dates have calcium, that’s why it helps increase calcium in the body. In fact, calcium deficiency causes bone weakness in the joints. You will get rid of these problems by eating dates daily. However, all other things matter a lot like your lifestyle..

8. Remove Tooth Problem

Eating dates give many problems of tooth away. Dates of the tooth also remove dates. This is very beneficial in the form of home remedies for a toothache.

9. Helps Lower Down Hunger

The amount of fiber in date is high. Due to the frequent hunger,  it aids you to pacify your hunger and gives you strength. And It is also very helpful in reducing weight.

10. Increase Immunity

By having dates in the winter session, you can easily get rid of a cough and cold. Yes, guys it also helps you increase your immunity and make it stronger to avoid ailments. Have 2-3 dates only.

11. Beneficial For Children

Children who frequently have bathroom problems, who wet the bed at night should feed them dates. Will benefit very quickly. 1-2

12. Cholesterol

Due to soluble fiber in dates helps lower down LDL( bad cholesterol and increase HDL (good cholesterol).

Dates benefits for skin

The rich nutrient of dates reaches the benefit to your skin. Here are some of its benefits-

1.Healthy skin maintenance:

In fact, red dates are filled with vitamin C and flavonoid, which improves the elasticity of your skin and enriches the tissues under the skin. Which makes your skin smooth and soft. Vitamin B5 found in date helps prevent skin problems, such as stretch in the skin.

2. Helpful In Aging

Dates are the great source of anti-oxidants, which can effectively resist harmful particles present in the body. This way it prevents the aging of premature aging. Vitamin C, particularly, prevents oxidation and prevents the accumulation of melanin inside the human body, which helps in dealing with wrinkles problem in the skin.

3. Skin Treatment

Vitamin B in dates is beneficial for skin. Deficiency of  Vitamin B develops many skin problems. Owing to being a natural source of Vitamin B, it is better to remove skin stretch marks.

4. Oil Massage

The oil is found in the nutrients of date, which is also very beneficial. There’re also anti-microbial properties that create a complete massage oil to treat skin problems.

These are some great benefits of Dates, I hope you love it and share with your friends so that they can also know the benefits. For more such latest updates do subscribe. See your friends see you soon with a new post.

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