11 Reasons Why I am Not Losing Weight?

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I think you may have heard people say around you that after following all the necessary steps still why I am not losing weight.

First up, keep in mind weight loss and fat loss both are different goals. However, whenever people say I want to lose weight, so they directly mean to lose fat. The term-weight loss has become most popular among us. That is why we most often say I want to lose weight—

In order to better understand you can read this post as well- What is the difference between weight loss vs fat loss.

In fact, it could be quite disappointing when you spend countless hours and efforts in the gym and eating the right foods, nevertheless, you notice no expected results.

It becomes demotivating factors for your weight loss journey, and you decide to quit your job sometimes. In fact, we all know that eating the right foods good exercise are the two key components to weight loss.

Set aside all these things a moment, As per the expert, hormonal imbalance can most often slow down your weight loss efforts, while you are doing everything right still not getting results as per your expectations.

Along with hormonal imbalance, there are other conditions can involve like conditions like PCOD and thyroid may seem to overlook your all efforts.

Now, that doesn’t mean to believe that you can never lose weight that is the wrong approach. You just need to maintain consistent efforts and allow your hormones time to get back to sync.

Let’s have a look these silly 11 mistakes that you should avoid by all means in order to sufficient results by keeping separate your medical conditions. Just follow your goal.

#1. Eating Too Much

No matter you are eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise, still, there is a limit to eat healthy foods as well. I mean, many of us actually rely on snacks, they understand, healthy snacks not gonna create much a bigger effect, isn’t?

For instance, When you eat protein bars in your snacks most of the time, they are loaded with sugar and other preservatives. However, one or two bars won’t generally hurt your progress and actually, they are a quick and great snack, especially for a busy person.

Snacking is a good idea to meet the daily requirements as per your calories intake. More than 3 or 4 times snacking may inhibit your overall progress if you don’t count calories properly. Most of the people make mistakes in the zone, that’s why they don’t get to see the results.

For example, your a total of calories a day 2,000 to lose weight, and you are consuming 500-800 calories extra means-2,500-2,800 of course, you will gain weight simple. As I have told many times, in order to bring the body fat% down, you need to take fewer calories than your maintenance. Learn more here

This is the reason when you combine your breakfast, lunch dinner, and other snacks all day long, you could be consuming more calories as per your daily needs as I calculated above.

You make sure and pay close attention to the snacks you find in so-called healthy snacks out there that are not usually loaded with sugar and other cheap stuff, you have to take into consideration the label of food so that you can avoid inhibition of your progress.

#2. Don’t Drink Enough Water

Yes, water is the very essential part of our life, most of the people don’t drink enough water which can lead to many health problems.

As you know 75% of your body is comprised of water, water helps you keep hydrated, helps in several biological functions and reactions, and aids absorption, digestion, and flush the harmful toxins out of the body.

In fact, when you drink enough water, all the functions are performed smoothly, this helps further in metabolism increase and proper digestion.

As you know, increased metabolism helps burn calories, so if you want to lose weight, water helps improve your digestion, metabolism, excretion and cell function.

So, you’ve to make sure to drink adequate water around 4 ltr throughout the day. Also, if you are highly active, drink even more water around 6 ltr as well as you can try other healthy fluids like jeera water, coconut water or lime water.

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#3. Enough Protein

Protein is the important nutrient for losing weight, and eating enough protein at 25-30% of calories can readily boost your metabolism by 90-100 calories per day and helps you make several 100 calories per day.

Also, it helps reduce cravings and your desire for craving snacking over and over again (Study 1, 2, 3, 4).

Not that, protein effects on appetite-regulating hormones, as such ghrelin and others (Study 5, 6)

You need to keep in mind during your weight loss, make sure fill enough amount of protein on your plate. Studies show that those who eat a high-protein breakfast they are less hungry and fewer cravings all day long (Study 7).

#4. Healthy Fats

Many of us have fear of eating fats, they completely eliminate from their diet. Who told you this that fats are bad? Remember, all foods are not bad, you think after eliminating fats from your diet can help you lose weight.

Not at all guys, fats are as important as protein and carbs. Fats are good for your proper brain functions and are essential for your body to perform a lot of functions like maintaining the cell structure.

Well, you need to consume healthy fats, not bad fats that you most often eat outside. If you want to get around the fat, consume healthy fats contains omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease inflammation, thereby preventing inflammation-induced weight gain.

Healthy foods you can have-

Peanut butter, rice bran oil, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed, pistachios, walnuts, cashew, etc. Make sure to eat these foods moderately and in right quantities excess of healthy fats could be pernicious for your health.

A minimum of fat should consume around 20-30% of your daily calories. For example, if your daily calories intake is 2,000 so, 2000 calories divided by 20 X 100=400 divided by 9= 44 g fat per day.

#5. Much Weight Training But Not Enough Cardio

If you are one of those that train too much in the gym or outside, so maybe it can hamper your gaol. Too much training is not gonna give you significant results.

Keep it simple, if your goal is to lose weight, you must focus on workouts as well as cardio exercise and less on strength training.

For example, 30 minutes weight training and 30 minutes of cardio exercises. If you do High-Intensity-cardio training called (HIIT) is perfectly great.

One thing remember, basing your workout training only cannot achieve your goals. In fact, those who spend all of their time only performing dumbbells presses and barbell chest presses won’t be able to get the same weight loss effect as someone who is running on the elliptical or treadmill.

That’s because cardio is the effective and efficient tool for weight loss since it helps your beats up, and forces your body to work faster including lungs and heart resulting burn a greater amount of calories in a short span of time.

Make sure to make the right combination of weight training and cardio with the proper amount of nutrition, then you can rock in the gym.

#6. Eating Too Early

Why i am not losing weight, why are you not losing weight

Too early to eat may hamper to lose weight, we all know this term that everybody refers to eat a meal gap between 2-3 hours of another meal.

Actually, studies show that meal frequency has little or no effect on weight loss or fat burning (Study 8, 9).

Also, sometimes it is very hard to be preparing and eating food throughout the day that makes it more complicated.

That is why these days people are resorting to intermittent fasting to carry without any food.


If you eat too often it may simply increase your caloric intake, and hamper your weight loss efforts. But if you focus on losing fat, then our old method is the best when it comes to practical

#7. Stress

Stress is another factor to slow down your weight loss progress. Indeed it can roadblock, and can also lead to many health issues.

Stress could be anything like relationship stress, financial stress, work stress so on. Try to keep it away and keep yourself calm all the time.

You can also practice some yoga, meditation or breathing exercise in order to relax and keep all the stress and worries at bay.

#8. Eating Too Less

Apart from eating too much, eating too less can also cause weight gain rather than losing weight. When people follow intermittent fasting the same goes with that.

Hence, I don’t recommend following this type of diet, and it is hard to follow for a beginner as well.

However, eating too less is just like starving, restricting your body from getting vital minerals and nutrients, resulting in lower energy levels.

Also, due to low energy running in your body, you will not have the determination to rock the workout, and eating too little can slow down your metabolism too.

#9. Too Much Sodium

Of course, a higher intake of sodium can create hurdle in your way. As higher sodium intake holds the water and increases the level of water resulting in weight gain.

The average American consumes 3,400 mg of sodium a day, which is much higher than the recommended amount of 2,400 mg that is almost equal to about 1 teaspoon of salt.

Simply, avoid eating processed foods like potato chips or other all packed snacks, since there are completely loaded with sodium. Rather than stick your fresh fruits and vegetable diet.

#10. Too Much Sugar

Yes, too much sugar and sodium both are linked to weight gain. Sugar is also not good for overall health, and sugary beverages are too tempting who are addicted to drinking sugary.

Whenever you drink sugary or food, your brain doesn’t compensate for those calories in them by making you eat less as compared to other foods (Study 10, 11)

Make sure to avoid all the high-sugary foods and beverages which are loaded with sugar keep them away. Even fruit juices can the problematic, and should not be consumed in large quantity.

#11. Poor Digestion

Poor digestion is the most common problem among people. If your digestive system is low and poor, you will have naturally more difficult to lose weight.

As per the study, around 70 million Americans suffer from digestive problems, and symptoms of digestive issues like heartburn, acid reflux and bloating.

However, there are some foods that can improve your digestive health–

  • Lentils
  • Peanuts
  • Yogurt
  • Kafir
  • Strawberries
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Almonds
  • Raspberries


As you know that weight loss is not always easy, there are other factors can bring it to pause.

Most of the weight loss fails when your caloric intake higher than your maintenance/ expenditure.

In order to avoid all the confusion, count your calories intake and try strategies ranging from right eating to keeping a food diary can help you achieve your goal.

Finally, In order to achieve any goal in life, you need to change lifestyle and needs conviction, dedication, consistency, and self-discipline.

Share your thoughts below and tell what mistakes were you making till date See you in the next article soon.

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